Sunday, November 25, 2018

How You Can Control Your Destiny with Lifestyle Changes

Healthy Diet Change
What scientists are beginning to recognize is that much of the illness in these years is due to lifestyle – a factor that can be changed through individual initiative and taking control.

In fact, researchers believe that 80% of deaths in mid-adulthood are related to the relatively small number of lifestyle habits, especially your diet and healthy eating

Heart disease, including heart attacks and strokes – which together are the leading cause of death and disability for men 40 to 45 – can largely be prevented by dealing with stress, changing your diet and eating for good health, stopping smoking, getting reasonable exercise, and treating hypertension.

Cancer, the second leading cause of death, can be prevented in the long run by stopping smoking, making diet and health changes, and avoiding exposure to occupational or environmental chemicals. 

Finally, cirrhosis, alcoholism and a majority of accidents can be avoided by controlling the use of alcohol.

From the standpoint of both individual health and national health, it is amazing to consider that in perhaps three out of four cases, death and disability in middle age can be avoided through limited number of behavioral changes that admittedly take effort and willpower, but are not impossible to achieve.

None of these changes is dependent on new advances in medical technology, development of new drugs, surgical techniques, or the building of expensive medical facilities. 

Improvement is basically a matter of lifestyle changes and/or environmental changes. To make the changes we have to change our attitude and the way we look at the world. 

Belief in our power to change is essential. We, not doctors, are largely responsible for creating our own state of health and well-being.

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